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What is the Thrive Pavilion

The Thrive Pavilion combats social isolation among aging adults living at home by fostering human connections and friendships through our member-driven virtual reality community

Fun, Joy, and Friendships

There’s always something happening at the Thrive Pavilion.

What Thrive Members Say

Virtual Community
Real Benefits

Ongoing research supports that aging adults participating in Thrive Pavilion activities feel more connected.

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How to get to the Thrive Pavilion

1. Meta Quest

Thrive is accessible on Meta Quest Headsets. You can purchase a Meta Quest 2 directly from Meta or online retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

2. Horizon Worlds

The Thrive Pavilion is located in Horizon Worlds. You can download Horizon Worlds from the App Store on your Quest device.

3. Visit Thrive

Visit the Thrive Pavilion in Horizon Worlds. Open the Horizon Worlds app on your headset and search for “Thrive Pavilion” on the world’s tab.

Corporate Supporters

We are deeply grateful for the support and generosity of our sponsors and Philanthropic donors. Their commitment fuels our mission and makes a significant impact on the lives of aging adults every day.

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Does your business or organization want to make a difference in the lives of older adults by combating loneliness and social isolation?

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