Support the Thrive Pavilion’s mission of reducing loneliness and creating social connections for older adults isolated at home.

Welcome to Thrive Pavilion

The Thrive Pavilion is the first-of-its-kind metaverse-based community that encourages and supports socialization and human connection among older adults.

There’s always something happening at the Thrive Pavilion. Here’s a list of the next few. To view the full schedule, click on View Calendar below or events on the menu.

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Why Thrive

The joy of independence

It can be harder to do the activities we enjoy as we age due to physical or other limitations. Can’t drive anymore? No problem. Regain your independence and participate in social activities from the comfort of your home in a fully immersive environment designed for older adults. Go bowling, golfing, take an art class, or attend the theater. Stay active and engaged even if it’s hard for your to get around physically.

Age in place without loneliness

Medical studies have shown loneliness and social isolation can lead to severe health conditions, including dementia, depression, and premature death. With Thrive, you can get out, participate in activities, and interact with real people. It’s like having a Community Center in your home!

Transcend distance and socialize with your loved ones

Connect with the people who matter the most: children, grandchildren, siblings, and old friends. Spend time with them physically, doing activities like attending a play, playing games, or just visiting. Thrive removes the physical distance between you and your loved ones so you can be with them more often.

Getting to Thrive is easy

1. Meta Quest

Thrive is available on the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset. You can purchase a Meta Quest 2 directly from Meta or from online retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

2. Horizon Worlds

The Thrive Community Center is located in Horizon Worlds. Download Horizon Worlds from the App store on your headset.

3. Visit Thrive

Visit the Thrive Pavilion in Horizon Worlds. Open the Horizon Worlds app from your headset and search for “Thrive Pavilion” on the world’s tab.

Corporate Supporters

We are deeply grateful for the support and generosity of our sponsors and Philanthropic donors. Their commitment fuels our mission and makes a significant impact on the lives of older adults every day.

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Does your business or organization want to make a difference in the lives of older adults by combating loneliness and social isolation?

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