Thrive: Gifts of an Eagle

NOTE: This event requires free registration at The film Gifts of an Eagle is a documentary by Kent Durden based on original footage from the 1950s through the 1970s. […]


Tuesday Night Bowling

? Calling all bowling enthusiasts! ?Join us at the Thrive Pavilion for an incredible Virtual Reality Bowling experience! ?? Engage in friendly competition, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories […]

Monthly Birthday Party

Welcome to the Monthly Milestone Celebration at Thrive Pavilion, the most vibrant senior community in the metaverse! Join us in an immersive digital extravaganza as we come together to honor […]

Thrive: World Hop with Sturmin

Join host Sturminator94 as he takes the Thrive Pavilion on a tour of some of the newest and best worlds in Horizon Worlds.

98 Escape Rooms

Are you looking for a fun and exciting problem-solving activity? Join us at the Thrive Pavilion Senior Center, where we can team up to solve the puzzles in the 98 […]

Thrive: Animation Nights New York

Animation Nights New York (ANNY) is a monthly screening event of short animated short films worldwide. How to attend: This event takes place in the Bigscreen app on the Meta […]

Thrive: Lifelong Learning

Join Damien from Aging is Cool for a discussion about The Terracotta Army. NOTE: This event takes place in the BigScreen App. We will post the room code in the […]

Thrive: Meta Feud

??️ Step into the Virtual Reality World of Fun with Meta Feud! ? Get ready for the ultimate gaming extravaganza - Meta Feud! ?? If you've ever dreamed of being […]

Walkabout Wednesdays

? Calling all virtual adventurers in the Thrive Pavilion! Step into the enchanting world of Walkabout Mini Golf. Join us for an immersive VR golfing experience that combines fun and […]

Thrive: The Central Fire (Storytelling)

For thousands of years, our ancestors gathered around central fires for warmth and shared stories that were a source of survival, comfort, and entertainment. Through the millennia, storytelling around a […]

Community Coffee Hour

☕️Attention all coffee lovers and social butterflies! Join us for our morning coffee hour social at the Thrive Pavilion Senior Center in Horizon Worlds. Catch up with old friends and […]

Friday Afternoon Cards and Games

“TGIF! ? Who’s ready for some Friday afternoon fun? Join us for a card and game extravaganza at the Thrive Pavilion in Horizon Worlds. We’ll play all your favorites – […]

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