Thrive Pavilion Walkabout Mini Golf League Rules

Version 1.2 – Published April 22, 2024

League Overview

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Format: Match Play
  • Participants: Individual players
  • Match Frequency: Each player competes in one match against another player each week.

Match Structure

  • Points per Match: 40 points are available in each match.
  • Hole Scoring:
    • Winning a hole awards the player 2 points.
      • A tie on any hole awards each player 1 point.
  • Participation Points:
    • Players receive 2 points each for participating in a match.
  • No-Show Penalty:
    • If a player does not participate in their scheduled match, they will earn no weekly points.
    • If the other player posts a score, they will be matched against the average of all players that played a round that week (also known as the Ghost player)


  • The league organizer schedules matches.
  • Players are responsible for arranging a suitable time to play their match within each week’s timeframe.

Odd Number of League Members

  • If there is an odd number of league members, one player each week, chosen randomly, will play against a Ghost player. The player will play their round and submit their score. The Ghost Player score will be calculated as the average of all rounds played by all players that week. Points will be awarded to the player based on their performance against the ghost player’s score. The Ghost player does not accumulate points in the league.

League Champion

  • The player with the highest total points at the end of the league is declared the champion.
  • Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie for first place, all tied players will compete in a sudden-death match on a designated course or course. This process continues until only one player, who is declared the league champion, remains.

General Rules

  • Etiquette: Players are expected to follow the highest standards of golf etiquette and sportsmanship.
  • Disputes: Any disputes will be resolved by the league organizer, whose decisions are final.
  • Reporting Scores: Both players are responsible for reporting the match score immediately after their match’s completion.

Flight Division Rules

In the event the number of league members becomes significantly large, the league may be divided into separate flights to maintain a competitive balance and ensure enjoyment for all skill levels. The implementation of flights is at the sole discretion of the league organizer. The purpose of creating flights is to categorize players into groups of similar skill levels, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and enjoyment of the league for all participants.

Flight Formation Criteria

  • League Size: The decision to create flights will be based on the total number of participants and the range of skill levels.
  • Skill Level Assessment:
    • Returning Players: Past performance and score history will be used to determine flight placement for players who have previously participated in the league.
    • New Players: At the discretion of the league organizer, new players may be asked to provide an estimate of their skill level or placed into flights based on self-selection or a preliminary evaluation round.

Flight Management

  • Adjustments: The league organizer reserves the right to adjust the number of flights or reassign players to different flights before or during the league to maintain a competitive balance.
  • Communication: All participants will be informed of their flight assignment and any flight-specific rules prior to the start of the league.
  • Championship: Each flight may have its champion as the league organizer decides.


  • The league reserves the right to amend these rules at any time in the interest of fairness and the spirit of competition.