Taking it Easy Summer League

Step into the virtual sunshine and immerse yourself in the world of our exciting 8-week summer Walkabout Mini Golf league at the Thrive Pavilion. We are a vibrant community where older adults socialize in Virtual Reality.

The Ultimate Virtual Golf Experience

Rally your friends and showcase your putting skills as you participate in our riveting summer mini-golf league. The league spans eight engaging weeks, divided into two four-week sessions. The first session starts on July 30, with the second beginning on August 27.

Match-Play Madness

You will participate in a thrilling match-play game with one of your fellow members weekly. With 54 points available to earn each match, every hole you play is incredibly important to your league rank. Following the schedule below, you will play one of the eight easy, standard Walkabout courses.


Session I

Week Course
July 30 – August 5Tourist Trap (Easy)
August 6 – August 12Seagull Stacks (Easy)
August 13 – August 19Original Gothic (Easy)
August 20 – August 26Bogey’s Bonanza (Easy)

Session II

August 27 – September 2Cherry Blossom (Easy)
September 3 – September 9Arizona Modern (Easy)
September 10 – September 16Tethys Station (Easy)
September 17 – September 23Quixote Valley (Easy)

The Grand Prize

The winner of each session will compete in an electrifying final round to earn the prestigious title of the Thrive Pavilion Mini-Golf Champion. Will you be the one to claim this summer’s glory?

And the stakes are even higher! Besides bragging rights, the league champion will win an official Walkabout Mini Golf hooded sweatshirt, valued at $45! Earn your chance to wear this cozy and stylish token of victory by conquering the virtual greens.

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